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It’s simple! We will organise the letter for you to sign and we will send this letter to your current property manager with the appropriate notice period after viewing your current agreement. It will not cost you a cent for this service and you won’t even need to speak to your old agent – we do it ALL for you.

National Snr Property Manager of The Year – Runner Up Australia 16/17*
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3rd Place Property Management Team of Year – Business Development Qld 16/17*
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Selecting the right tenant for your property is as important to us as it is to you. We guard our hard earned reputation of providing our clients with the most suitable applications to lease their investment properties. Our tenancy application form enables us to establish current and previous tenancy and employment history; as well as providing several business references.

Through our strict screening process of contacting previous landlords/agents, current and previous employers, credit reference checks, we establish knowledge of the applicant’s character and reliability. Before making our recommendation we ensure we have established an accurate summation of the prospective tenants, with the final choice of tenant being yours.

Disbursements are made from our trust account directly to your nominated account at the mid and end of each month (2 payments per month). You will be sent a statement of payments to your nominated email address.

Our marketing has proved to be the best in the business. With our extensive advertising coverage we are able to find the most suitable tenants quickly that will pay the highest possible rent. We will effectively advertise and promote your property to the widest audience and our cost effective marketing strategies involve a combination of the following:

  • Leading internet sites:
  • Advertising for selected newspapers
  • Digital Photographs
  • Colour brochures
  • Company rental list
  • Window Display – including touch screen display
  • Relocation companies
  • Internal database
  • “FOR LEASE” sign board (if applicable)Our extensive marketing campaign will most often result in multiple tenancy applications, giving you a greater choice of tenants and minimal down time.

After each “open for inspection” it is critical that we communicate with you in order to keep you fully aware of developments with prospective tenants. We will advise you of any feedback on each occasion and call you on a regular basis until your property is successfully leased.

It is often said that any property is simply worth what someone is willing to pay for it. The rent you receive will depend on a variety of factors that will receive our closest attention and considerable management expertise. Our entire team co-operates fully with enthusiasm to ensure that every marketing campaign has a successful conclusion.

Research, research, research!! Rental worth can change frequently, so as a property manager we must be up to date with market changes at all times. When considering a properties worth we take into account the following factors:

  • Similar properties on the market rental price
  • Median Rental price for the area (as per calculated on the RTA website)
  • Length of lease requested by tenant
  • Type of tenant
  • And finally the owners opinion.

Whether your tenants are behind in rent, have noise a complaint etc, Evolve sales & management  believes the best way to deal with issues is to abide by the laws and guidance of the Residential Tenancies Authority of Queensland. A notice to remedy breach is issued as soon as a complaint is made or non-compliance with lease agreement is found. If the tenants fail to remedy the breach a notice to leave is issued as per the Residential Tenancies Act Queensland. In a situation such as this you are kept up to date every step of the way, and while we offer advice and advise you of laws, the ultimate decision will be yours.

Do you think you are a good driver? Then why would you hold insurance over your car? Even though every measure is taken to ensure a good quality tenant is found for your property peoples circumstances can change and this can affect their tenancy. Car insurance is held for the “just in case’s in life and this is the same for Landlord insurance

The proper insurance policies will provide peace of mind that your rental income and investment property is protected against the following risks:

  • Loss of rent
  • Accidental loss or damage
  • Malicious loss or damage
  • Legal liability
  • Tax audit

Lessors (landlords) are allowed to pass on the full water consumption costs to tenants provided all the minimum criteria have been met.

Lessors will be able to pass on the full water consumption costs to tenants if:

  • the rental premises are individually metered (or water is delivered by vehicle), and
  • the rental premises are water efficient, and
  • the tenancy agreement states the tenant must pay for water consumption.

The following points have been compiled as a checklist to ensure your property is presented in excellent condition to prospective tenants.


  • Steam clean or dry clean carpets/furniture
  • Clean windows internally and externally
  • Dry clean or wash drapes according to fabric and age
  • Thoroughly clean interior
  • Thoroughly clean exterior, including cobwebs, window screens etc Please note as part of the “Residential Tenancies Act” a tenant is not required to enter into occupation if the premises are not vacant and in a reasonably clean condition.


  • Prune back any overhanging trees/vines
  • Weed all garden beds
  • Mow and edge lawns
  • Remove garden refuse
  • Clean out garden sheds/garage
  • Remove garbage from garbage bins


  • Do you have smoke detectors? (Legislation requires all tenanted properties must have smoke detectors)
  • Check and replace top washers if required
  • Service heating/cooling systems if required
  • Replace light globes where necessary

Disconnect Services

  •  Telephone
  • Water
  • Gas
  • Power
  • Redirect Mail

Insurance cover

  • Is you building insurance current?
  • Have you advised your insurance company you are vacating?
  • Do you have landlords Protection Insurance? This can cover for carpets, curtains, malicious acts by tenants or visitors, loss of rent and additional legal liability

Instructions and booklets/Guarantees

  • Please leave instructions booklets/ guarantees (or a copy) on the kitchen bench along with any handy hints tenants may find helpful


  • Ensure a full set of keys/swipes have been handed to our company including keys for window locks, garage, garden sheds, along with remote control and alarm codes (if applicable)
  • We will also require a set of front door keys as our office copy


Note: The Residential Tenancies Act requires that a landlord must provide locks to all external doors and windows of the rental premises. As the jurisdiction of the Residential Tribunal is $10 000 we strongly suggest installation of window locks and deadlocks to prevent any claim from a prospective tenant under this section.